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Special offer for: Texans with High Blood Pressure 

A Revolutionary Program to Manage Blood Pressure Without Medications  

An online health transformation program backed by decades of scientific evidence

and physician expertise

Now Accepting
Introductory Clients 

Your New Prescription

Tap into decades of scientific evidence on the right way to use food to nourish your body & treat blood pressure.


Little known medical secrets to treat the root cause, not chase the numbers.

Are you really served by our current
health care system? 

"Sick Care" System 

​Are you tired of relying on medications that come with a list of side effects and the risk of serious reactions? 


Do you feel overwhelmed by online advice, unsure of who to trust?

Are you worried that your hypertension might lead to more serious health issues, like a stroke or heart attack? 


Do you feel alone in your journey to control your blood pressure because friends and family don't understand the challenges of managing blood pressure?

Are you irritated by rushed medical appointments that leave you with more questions than answers?


Do you want a proven, evidence-based approach to managing blood pressure without medications

Are you ready to break FREE from the cycle of trial and error, seeking a proven and personalized program?

The Clear & Effective Solution


Presented by Yvonne Covin, MD
Founder & CEO
Hypertension Connection

 I am a Texan, practicing board-certified physician, wife and mother. 

My goal is to share the program that has helped hundreds of my patients and family with you! 

Residency - Columbia University
Fellowship - UT Southwestern Medical Center
Master of Education - Johns Hopkins University



The First Patient 

Over a decade ago, at the end of a busy clinic day, I met an 50-year-old Black woman with uncontrolled hypertension taking 3 blood pressure medications.


I'd recently read a successful medical research study about lowering blood pressure with just lifestyle changes. On the spot, I prescribed this new way for her to manage her blood pressure.


The woman excitedly left my office ready to take charge of her life rather than start yet another medicine. 


Within 4 weeks, the program regulated her blood pressure!  


Under my watch, she safely eliminated TWO medicines.


I was curious... Was this real? 


I confirmed the results over and over again.


Young adults? Yes! 

Middle aged adults? Yes!

Seniors? Yes!

People with slightly high blood pressure? Yes!

People with VERY high blood pressure? Yes!


Improved their own lives with a clear roadmap with more ease and clarity than when they were doing it on their own... 


…with information they never heard from any other healthcare provider. 

Now Dr. Covin is offering this health transformation program to all Texans. 

Ready to take control?

We make thousands of life choices every day. 

What will you choose for your health? 


Choose vitality. 

Choose peace.

Choose ease. 

Choose YOU! 

Blood Pressure

The Current American Health Status

Data Sources:

National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES), 2017–2020.


MMWR 2018;67:225–229 

As Effective As a Pill

Clinical research from Johns Hopkins shows lifestyle changes lowers blood pressure by 11/6 mmHg, on average!

( New England Journal of Medicine 1997 Apr 17;336(16):1117-24)


For example, a starting blood pressure of 140/90 falls to 129/84!!

Minimalist Yoga Registration Landing Page-5.png

I'm offering...

done-for-you plan based on solid medical evidence. 



A tailored program for your high blood pressure challenges.

An opportunity to take control of, not worry about, your health.

A vibrant and supportive community that's here to uplift you every step of the way.

How It Works


Health Quiz

Quick check in on your current health status and goals


Personalized Goal Setting Session

Start strong with a 1:1 session to set clear, achievable health goals tailored to your needs. 


Start Program

You will be notified of membership or waitlist status. 

This is my VERY first offer.


No joke.

Sign up now to be an Introductory Member. 


Introductory Members get 50% savings on program, exclusive access to me and more hands-on training.

Let's go!


The first screened applicants will become Introductory Members.


Doors are closing soon! 

The Program

FREE Bonus Masterclass


For Introductory Members & Waitlist

I am a practicing doctor, a mother and a wife of a person with hypertension.


I know how hard it is to maintain a low salt diet with a busy life.  


That is why I am including a free bonus "Meal Prep Masterclass." Learn the art of meal prepping for the week ahead. Save time and ensure healthy eating is effortless. 

Reserve Your Spot Now 

Just want the FREE Masterclass?

No problem! Just complete the quiz.


1. Complete Quiz
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2. Book complimentary goal-setting session 

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